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PaddleBoard FAQ

A: We have 2 options, with a floating dock out back we can easily launch you into the beautiful intercostal water ways with mangrove trails, islands and nature to see and visit. Or we can take you with your board to North Beach, North of the street Somerset and pick you back up.

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A: We always say not to bring anything that your are not prepared to loose. You are welcome to bring your phone but we always encourage a water proof FLOATING case. Your phone maybe be water proof but the still will sink. SUNSCREEN is highly recommended and should be applied 30 min prior to rental for maximum protection. WATER to stay hydrated. Towels just in case you need to dry off.

A: We will provide you with a paddle, life jacket, and rental item.

A: If your little fluffy companion likes to go on the water by all means take them along!

A: We have a parking garage right down the road from us at the North Beach Parking Plaza and its only 500 feet from our shop. 490 Poinsettia Ave, Clearwater, FL 33767.

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A: Bathing suits are always recommended or some sort of active wear, when on the water. Sun shirts with built in UV protection is always a good idea for when you are on the water. Shoes are optional but if you plan on bringing them then they should be shoes that can get wet.

A: Yes, but under the parents and an associates discretion at the time of arrival. Kids 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult and anyone under 18 will need a parental signature on our rental waiver before going out on the water.


A: We provide the bikes, lights for the bike, helmets if needed, baskets for storage, cup holder for your drink, and locks for when you want to stop.

A: We have a couple options for what you are looking to do. The beach is bike friendly, the more North you ride the ride is through a nice residential neighborhood feel. South Beach has a large side walk starting at Pier 60 for a nice ride down the beach front. The Pinellas Trail is conveniently located right over the Causeway with a nice trail ride to it. The Pinellas trail will take you all the way North to Tarpon Springs and as South as St. Pete Beach.

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A: Half day rates are typically 4-5 hours, and a full day is 9am-8:30am with the option to do a 24 hour rental and keep over night if your staying at a place that allows bikes to be safely locked and stored.

A: We have our number on three different locations on our bikes to call us. They are located for your convince above the pedals, the cup holders, and license plate on the basket. We are equipped to come to you with a brand new bike to get you back on your ride!

A: Unfortunately we don't have many in terms of kids bikes but our options are trying a 24'' tired bikes that typically will fit any one 4'11 and above, and last case our tandem bikes seat drops down an extra 2'' that may work. It is up to the associates decision if they feel confident in what they see.



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